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Anytime Sunset Cityscape Instruction

AnyTime Sunset Instruction Workshop

PAST WORKSHOP - Mt St. Helens - 6/24/2017

Join me this summer at Mt. St. Helens to capture this majestic mountain and it surrounding area under the night sky. This time of the year is extra beautiful as the area is in bloom with several different varieties  of wildflowers giving your pictures that extra wow factor. This phenomenon only lasts for a few weeks under the heavenly skies.

We would be meeting at Sunset and capture this majestic landscape well into the night before taking a short nap. We will rise again for sunrise and capture different compositions as the first rays of light illuminate the mountain and the surrounding fields of flowers.

Required Gear:


- Wide Angle Lens (preferably f2.8 or lower aperture)

- Tripod

Recommended but not required

- Polarizer

- ND Filters

- Remote Shutter / Intervalometer

- Prime or telephoto lens

What's Included:

- On location composition instruction

- Focus techniques to ensure foreground to star sharpness

- Capturing the milky way and star trails

- Post processing workflows that begin with getting it right in the field.

What's not included:

- Food & snacks

- Travel to the location

- Sleeping accommodation (I'll be on location throughout the night - taking naps in my car)

Limited spots available. Discounts available if booked as a group.

Wildflowers & Galaxy At Helens